Wednesday, 28 February 2007

First Line Of Lace

The stem lace already has one line finished. I draw the pattern just at the fibre, not copying it from any other image, I only know that the distance between leaves id one upper stitch. This is half the length of the skirt.

But it's not fully finished yet. I want to fill the leaves with yellow colour. I love these bobbles! :-)

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Jagged Sleeve

The doublet will get second, smaller sleeves. The edge's jagged and took much work :-) When drawing the lines I found out that 50 cm on my measuring tape are not the same as 50 cm on my ruler!
The velvet has to be pinned very attentively. It moves when you sew it and it's flexible. You can see on the picture that I am not exact, I still don't have enough experience. However, in the final effect it shouldn't be visible..

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Doublet - Sleeves Correction

I'm making a doublet for my friend. From purple and yellow velvet. He as French should have lillies on it.
I didn't manage to sew the sleeves properly - my victim complained about the width. I was afraid of consequences of unsewing on the velvet. Finally, the lines were visible, as I had expected. I am between beginner and intermediate as far as sewing, so my victim will have to do with it :-)

Trying the sleeve in all possible and impossible positions :-)

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Lace Continues

I won't resew the old green costume. It would take almost as much time as making a new one and it wouldn't look half as good as the new one. I plan a green (nicer colour :-) ) dress, lower edge 15 cm max from the petticoat, also a bodice and extending sleeves between wrist and elbow. The lace will be on all borders - sleeves, bodice and underpart.

I thought to use my blue chalk to draw the lines, but I found a yellow pencil better. The chalk trace is so wide, that it could spoil the final effect. Maybe I'm a perfectionist but I like it more now and the work is comfortable :-)