Friday, 9 September 2011

Wood Carving - Name

I'm carving our dog's nameo.
The best wood I could get was a kitchen knife board.
I started with the center lines. They are deepest spot of the writing.
When I carved the diagonals I put the chisel slanted to go from the full depth at the center to the zero at the edge.
When I had the lines I got down to the surfaces.
I don't have my chisels perfectly sharp so I always cut perpendicularly to the threads (which is not this case, I found out that by experience in the middle of work :-D).
I didn't have the right gouge so I had to do the curves with a corner of the chisel.
Not very elegant.
The inside is also done with the chisel...
And the gouge is eventually here! For the curved outside part.
I hate the O.
The writing took me two days. Not finished yet :)