Sunday, 26 May 2013

Machine Decorated Sacks and a Guitar Strap

I'm at the last year of the bachelor studies and I'm procrastinating from learning to the final exams by sewing :-)
I'm having fun discovering the decorative stitches on my beloved Janome Horizon.
The smaller sack has a motto that means a lot to me as I have trouble doing the same routines every day - mainly spending my time on the computer...
Anyway, I gave it to one of my best friends.
The other sack is meant for my breakfast honey rings, that I usually take from home to where I study.
I just hate plastic bags.
I embroidered the rectangle and sewed a sack from it. Then I flattened it so that the bottom and side seam would be one on another and sewed and clipped the corner - the bottom is wider this way.
Oh, how I love the stitches :-) Especially on the linen fabric...
This time I used a decorative stitch even for the fastening.
Today I made a guitar strap as well. I found out our guitar has no knob at the bottom so it had to be the one with a hook.
I reused a hook from bungee cords I bought for my bike.
I attached the polyester band to it with screws. To protect the wood from scratches I glued a piece of band inside the hook - I used double sided tape.