Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Man Sunbathing With His Pet

You know, when it comes to a snowman, it doesn't mean the same thing for me as for most people...
I just don't like making balls, I'm not good at it.
At first, I wanted him to hold a puppy, but then I thought almost everyone has a pet dog.
I prefer imagination. When I shape the body, I feel like stroking the real body. That's what makes the right profile easier to achieve :-)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Female Leather Armor

This piece was meant to be unisex - sewn for a couple who would spare it.
They broke up before it was completed and I adjusted it to the female half :-(
At the beginning, the side seam was curved like at normal dresses. Then we agreed I should make it thinner. To my surprise, a plain straight line fits the best! The main shape was in the center back seam.
I used my favourite pattern for the fastener bands - I call it a shamrock :)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Renaissance Dress - Finished

The dress has a little sweep (only about 10 cm) that gives the skirt part a nice silhouette from the side view, mainly when walking :-)
The upper tubes at the sleeve would lay flat if I hadn't sew the center one right to the shoulder part of the corset. These sleeves are so arduous to make...

What could I do better next time?
The petticoat sleeves are just about 20 centimeters longer than hands. Far more would be ideal, at least for such lightweight fabric. The tubes need petty's support to form nice archs.
She's so beautiful :-)