Thursday, 24 October 2013

Belly Dance in Blue&Brown - Covering the Cups

I feel like making myself a new bellydance costume. I believe I've learnt my lesson from the last attempt and I will only use stretch fabrics for covering the bra :-]
 The pattern. I put the lovely blue fabric on the cup and pinned it on, eliminating every wrinkle by stretching it, mainly diagonally. Then I cut it out leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance. I cut the other half symmetrically. The result should resemble a rectangle more than circle...
 I pinned it on again. Those who are not lazy can baste the right side at the edges - it simplifies the work a lot.
 I folded the seam allowance in a half and carefully attached it to the bra. It's ok to pull a bit to keep it smooth.
 Just tiny little stitches. If you baste it, you can get rid of the pins.
Around the cups, I sewed tiny back stitches.
 You can see the brown fabric too - it's tie-dyed and has some blue spots :)
The center is probably the hardest part. Not much space to manipulate...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Machine embroidered patch

I wanted to make a logo of the company I work at.
 I printed it out several times. I put it onto the fabric and sewed with a narrow zigzag stitch through both the paper and the fabric layers. This way I could get the right shape and proportions of the logo.
 The stitches are so close to each other that the paper can be easily torn out.