Monday, 24 September 2007

Web Hairdo

I saw something like this on a belly dance show I was taking part of, and I had to try it:-) on my sister.

In the first two rows I added hair, in the others I just splitted the strand and joined two halves of different strands together.

Sorry for the quality, not having a camera I had to use a web camera :-P

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Flute Case Basic Embroidery

I know I planned the crazy quilting style of embroidery, maybe I admire this chaos because I personnaly am unable to produce it. So this is what came out of it, I hope this is not the final version..

Smeg knows.. :-)

Friday, 7 September 2007


The last thing to finish the sagums is necklines. It's my favourite work as far as sewing, my great granny taught me this.
First take a piece of fabric, the inner "circle" should be the same as the neck's (when laid face sides together!).

This isn't very exact, cutting these wasn't my business:-P
Than sew it 3-6mm from the edge, according to the sort of fabric. Face to face!

Fold the piece to the wrong side and sew as far from the inner edge as you wish.

I sewed one more line. Cut the piece and zig-zag it.

Uf, I already have three costumes completed ;-)

Flute Case

I got a recorder for the nameday and I didn't like its packet. It's made of some imitation leather and with gold printing :-/ (I have forgotten about a plastic zip:-) )

First I measured the original case and of course thought about the length of my (metal) zip:-)

After some planning I sewed both unzipped halves face to face with the canvas.

I folded the black fabric and sewed along the zip.

I closed the zipper and sewed the shorter edges. On this side I added a small square folded in the middle to hide a small hole after the end of the zip. On the other one, naturally, I let the fastener a bit open when sewing :-)

Zig-zagging and some final editing ... tadaaaa, here it is:-)

I wanted to make this one also from another reason - I can decorate it myself with some infantile broidery. If you heard something about crazy quilting.. :-D

Saturday, 1 September 2007


It's some time since I've got used not to write on my music CDs. I draw on them instead.

This is how I used to draw at school during boring lessons. I started to draw from a book about tattoo, now I have my own patterns :-)