Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I've got an order for a pair of voi - veil poi.
You just attach your belly dance veil to the ball and that's it.
I sewed two and two eye-shaped pieces at one side together.
Then I sewed these two together inserting a loop and a cord.

I cut triangles out of the seam allowances and turned the balls inside out.

I filled them with sand and sewed the hole with the whip stitch.

I attached the swivel handles and here it is.
The veil should be just easily knotted to the loop at the bottom.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Small Kilt - After the Fitting

At the fitting, I marked the overlap of both pieces.

I double folded and sewed the edges. I hemmed the lower edge by hand so that no stitches are visible. I sewed the pleats.
I cut the unnecessary material at the pleats (otherwise it would be thick as hell), traced the shape on the lining and added seam allowances.

I sewed the lining to the piece at the waist edge.
You may notice that I made two little pleats at the butt - to provide free motion in the skirt.

I turned the lining right side out and folded the upper corners inside. You can see that I folded in one whole pleat - the lining will make it head to the center of the skirt.

I folded inside and pinned the rest of the lining. I used my arranging mannequin to get the right shape:-D
I basted the lining and then sewed it onto the piece by hand.