Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Alto Recorder Renewed

I bought a second-hand wooden alto recorder, I'd only had a plastic one.
It didn't look very well with the old chipped laquer.
I used two grit sizes to remove it completely.
Finaly I just wiped it all with an olive oil.
We named her Beauty :-)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Heart Case for Bellydance Fans

Present for my friend, great dancer and creator and director of a belly dance show Dreams Come True. I was returning her the led-light silk fans that we used for the show.
The logo of the trademark. I printed it on paper and sewed through it to transfer the font on the fabric. I tore out the paper.
I set a very short zig-zag stitch and I sewed each shape twice. There's a fusible web at the wrong side and I used an embroidery frame for the best results.
I quilted through two fabrics and batting. It's a nice heart pattern. It will be a hearty heart with a heart logo. Madness :-P
Two quilted hearts.
I made a strange looking pocket for the batteries. I didn't want to damage the quilting with straight lines so I just retraced some of the hearts.
The fastening. I quilted through one strip of fabric, cut it in the middle and swapped the halves.
I sewed two squares of fabric to each end. 
I folded the edges inward and sewed in the zipper.
The bottom is a single layer of twill because it must be wider than the top and it would look strange I think if it was sturdy and keeping this shape all the time...
The edges are sewed together, cut to two milimeters and covered with bias tape.
When I woke up in the morning, I found my cat sleeping inside this :-) I couldn't get her out...
Handle. Ironed like this with interfacing on the wrong size, folded in the middle, ironed again and sewed.
She could use it as a handbag for dance lessons if she wants to. Or at least for three fans.