Saturday, 31 March 2007

Two Lines Done

This is the progress on my lief lace. I have finished the part that is intended for a skirt. I decided to wait with filling the lieves by yellow colour until I have the fibre - to match its hue.

Lillies Go On

First I make the middle parts of all the lillies, then I sew the rest. I use paper patterns, but it's uncomfortable. It's slipping all the time.

The work is very exhausting, the velvet defends itself against my affords. The worst is to make the sharp edges. It doesn't seem so hard when it's finished. It's unfair :-)

I tried to make a needle from a fish bone. The result is awful. I hate that I don't have any non-modern needle. I'd appreciate some made from a wire, as people used to do in the past, but there's nobody that skillful here. Maybe I'll be luckier later :-)

Monday, 26 March 2007

First Leaf

I make both lines in the same time for a better symetry. The velvet makes a lovely moss-like form. The end seem to be the hardest.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

My New Frame

I got a new embroidery frame from my father today. He's made it for me cause the circle one leaves a trace on the fibre and I'm frightened of sewing velvet without a frame. I don't want to spoil it, so I did some stitching to mark the middles. The drawn things are the middle leaves of the lilies. This time I used a chalk

I had to add the wire as the planks were too wide for me.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Buddhist Hairdo :)

Today I wanted to try to make a hairdo that would look like a jing jang a bit. But the result seems more like two snails :-)

Sunday, 18 March 2007

5 Strands French Braid

I tried a hairdo with lace for the first time. The result wasn't the one I had wanted:-) One great problem was just to start. I didn't want to tie the lace to hair by a knot, so it was terrible to begin. The hair's loosy but I don't mind, cause the one on the original picture looked like that too..

My friend in his piece of garment when the first sleeves are pinned.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Second Jagged Sleeve

If you would like to try something like I do, sew a rectangular piece of fibre, folded in the middle, along the longer edge. Then fold it in the middle in a perpendicular direction to the first one. You should get a two-plies pipe. Then you can draw a shape you imagine - from squares to oak lieves, on the side which is not open.

Then sew what you've drawn. Don't forget to pin it in advance :-) It can easily get out of control.

When it was finished I cut the fibre about 4 to 5 mm around edges. In sharp places it's necessary to cut even more. Then turn it inside out.

And what the hell is this? It shouln't be the final effect, I just didn't iron the piece yet :-)

Monday, 12 March 2007

Second Jagged Sleeve Drawn

The second sleeve is in process of creation. On velvet I must use many pins, because it moves when I sew.. You can also see a pattern that I used for this - I layed it seven times on each sleeve.
I still don't know what to use as a decoration for edges. I would take a twisted cord, I think that the thicker one looks better..
I'm very lucky and happy today! I don't have the old meter anymore, the one that has short centimeters. I got a new one from my mum. It's very nice and it looks like the right meter for true dressmakers :-)))

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Lilly Trial

I tried to make the lilly aplication to know if I'll be able to do it. It doesn't look bad, it's just a bit awry:-) Velvet is a pretty tricky thing.. I used a large back stitch and managed to do the lilly in one evening. Making the sharp edges is a terrible job for me as a not-very-experienced stitcher, but the thing I worry about is that the embroidery circle leaves a trace on the velvet. I'll have to use some other way.. My plan's to do the central parts first and then the more difficult rest, when I'll be more skillful.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Laced hairdo

Today I decided to try a hairdo that seems very nice to me and might be elegant. It consists from two dutch braids joint into a bunch high on the back. As usually there was no possible victim near so I had to cooperate with two mirrors in our bathroom :-)
This time I really appreciated them. For the first time I was trying to cope with lace. As a needle I used one bobby pin and in the end it wasn't as difficult as it had seemed. The worse thing is to stick to symetry. I wanted it not to look poor so I added some accent braids. This is the result. Next time it will be better :-)

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sister And A Wheel Hairdo

I had to try it. I liked the hugs and kisses style since I've seen it on the web. It's of two dutch braids done on the top of the head. They cross and form a large bunch at the back.

Unfortunately I made the crossing too low. It should have looked like a wreath on the head and the effect of my creation is not the one. I also made the bunch too wide, my sister doesn't have as much hair as I thought:-) The bunch is secured with pins.