Monday, 31 December 2007

Green Dress Sleeves

If you can remember the dress I was going to make, I have good news. I made some progress. This is how I can imagine it.

And this is what I already have. My friend helped me with the petticoat basic pattern. Bless him! Without him I'd probably have never made it.
The unsewed sleeves look like wings :-D

Now I'm working on the green tunic-like dress. It's a rectangular and this time I'll try the advice of my sister - to sew the sleeves to the rectangle as the very first thing, without sewing them to a pipe.

You can see how I make a draft of a neckline. So I've sewn the sleeves. Next I have sewn them to pipes.

And the only think that remains is to sew the hips line. Chalk marks mean the beginning of the future gores - at the belt line.

Yeah, sleeves and the body done. I just don't have the length. It'll be the last as it concerns the embroidered borders.

I don't have the petty sleeves yet, of course, there's a pair of pyjamas under :-D

Monday, 24 December 2007

A Mysterious Present

I made a little puzzle gift for my boyfriend. I have finished (today, uuuf) this pouch and I didn't set it together but gave it to him in this form.

He didn't realize what this piece of leather was but when he found out he liked it:-) It took him some time to think out how to complete it. And that's how it should be. No simple presents:-P We like creativity.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Pearls Cobweb

Christmas dance performance. For this special occasion I had to make something special.
I started with a pearl flower.

Then I threaded a line of pearls and made a knot on the end. Then went back and threaded one of the flower pearls. On and on. A needle was too thick for this tinies. I used a thin thread instead - I had the line threaded there and back at a time:)

The las line: I threaded three pearls with both cord ends, then one of them made a circle (tucking itself between the two cords in each line of pearls) and when it gets back it continued the same.

I completed it with a wreath - a big pearl in a rose case in the front that I had to attach thrice to be still.
The wreath is doubled in the half and one line turns around the braid and the other one hangs free. The wreath is fastened with four pinns.

The cobweb is discrete and it's attached with five pinns (they all are half an average hair pinn size and I was excited about them). I used a linen thread for it to be strong enough (I hate being afraid if it breaks), I don't use a silon cause I don't trust to its knot.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Gryffin Outlined

Yeah, I got it:) I already know how to cope fith the blue fill. I'll start from the border, in a shape of the blazon as long as I can. At the moment I touch this inner outline I'll start to make pools - every closed part will be outlined in the same style.

The white places inside the embroidery might be corrected in the very finish:)

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Last Pillow

The third pillow was the most difficult. A block instead of a square. This time I (of course cutting the pieces and ironing) sewed both ends together before attaching the zipper. Altgough I had measured the length, when I put the zipper in the hole was too long. I wonder if this happens to all dressmakers or only to me :-D

When fitting the hole that I shortened by sewing one end a bit further I accidentally sewn a part of the fastener into it. Then, when sewing the other half of the zipper I sewed a bit of pillow into it. And in the end I found out that I had stitched too close to the fastener so it was unable to open. Ha ha ha. This is how I get experience.

I didn't sew to the end, the slider disabled it and I decided to make it at last - I sewed from the left to the right, then down to secure the end and back left below the zipper.

Yeah, the zipper's in. Now just sew two rectangles to finish the block.

After ironing seams. I hope it'll fit:) I can't judge it without the pillow itself. The pillow case is made of very thin fibre and I couldn't take a picture just on the floor as itwould have looked just like a mass of someting..

I asked my model to hold the pillow case for a while. It's the person I would never be able to make this one without. I'd like to thank him very much this way and say his help is important for me in all I do!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Chain Gryffin Done

I have finished the pocket theme (didn't know it'll go that fast). I used mouliné cotton to stitch - they're pretty thick and I hadn't tought they'd be so nice for broidery. I'd like to have a border from several chain lines and the rest will be blue. I don't know how to fill the blue rest - I suppose I'll have to begin from outlining the gryffin but how I'll get to the straight state at the borders - smeg knows... I'm really not sure how to balance this difference :,-(

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Back Pocket Chain Stitching

I wanted to try chain stitch as a method of filling - I've always loved it's structure when there were several lines one next to each other. I'll decorate my jeans pocket - if I'll have enough patience:) My biggest problem all the time..

I cut the printed image and transported it with chalk to the fabric (leftover from stockings:-) ). I know that te chalk always disappears when I work with it, so I highlighted the lines with a pencil.

I begined with contour and continued to the wing. Smeg knows how this will end up..

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Dark Pocket Holes

I was afraid that the thin leather could be damaged by closing and opening the sack and I decided to use metal studs. As a fastening I chose an oval stone.

The stone will be on a leather cord that will hold the stone when the pocket's open. I hoped that in water the leather would extand its size and after sewing it would shrink again around the stone. I kept it in the water for some weeks but it didn't help much, if I'm lucky it'll be ok ;)

Monday, 3 December 2007

Dirty Stockings

I sewed the foot at first and then attached the pipe with a hidden backstitch. Then I did the seams. This is the way I tried as first - I pricked to the middle of the seam in every second stitch, when I did only the long stitches, the seam wasn't flat, and pricking every stitch I was too lazy to:)

But fortunately I ended up at this technique. Attaching every half of the seam. I always worked only with the upper layer, so it wasn't visible from the right side.

And these are my stockings - after two days of use (my shoes are half-open). Dirty and creased:) They're fastened with a strip of leather I tied as a belt :-D

I wondered they're not tight as all my other products. These in company with my gloves protected me from cold in Austria and I'd like to thank them;)