Saturday, 8 December 2007

Chain Gryffin Done

I have finished the pocket theme (didn't know it'll go that fast). I used mouliné cotton to stitch - they're pretty thick and I hadn't tought they'd be so nice for broidery. I'd like to have a border from several chain lines and the rest will be blue. I don't know how to fill the blue rest - I suppose I'll have to begin from outlining the gryffin but how I'll get to the straight state at the borders - smeg knows... I'm really not sure how to balance this difference :,-(


Racaire said...

...I am not sure what technique you will use but why don't you start at the border?
(and than - between the parts of the griffin you could try work in the same direction (I had this problem with my spider and treated them all as small sections of a big section - continuing to work in the direction I started (

zabacorporation said...

I had something like this in my mind
Outlining the figure first. If I started from the border, I'd probably work in "spiral" from outside in rather than just straight lines, it seems more complex to me. But I don't have experience and I don't know whether it'd look fine ..
Thank you for your interest ;-)

Sorry for the quality, I've drawn this on notebook:-/

zabacorporation said...

Maybe something like Grizel does on her pages -
just not with beads:-)
look at the pdf Machine Washable Embroidery how she lays them