Sunday, 23 December 2007

Pearls Cobweb

Christmas dance performance. For this special occasion I had to make something special.
I started with a pearl flower.

Then I threaded a line of pearls and made a knot on the end. Then went back and threaded one of the flower pearls. On and on. A needle was too thick for this tinies. I used a thin thread instead - I had the line threaded there and back at a time:)

The las line: I threaded three pearls with both cord ends, then one of them made a circle (tucking itself between the two cords in each line of pearls) and when it gets back it continued the same.

I completed it with a wreath - a big pearl in a rose case in the front that I had to attach thrice to be still.
The wreath is doubled in the half and one line turns around the braid and the other one hangs free. The wreath is fastened with four pinns.

The cobweb is discrete and it's attached with five pinns (they all are half an average hair pinn size and I was excited about them). I used a linen thread for it to be strong enough (I hate being afraid if it breaks), I don't use a silon cause I don't trust to its knot.

Merry Christmas!

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