Sunday, 9 December 2007

Last Pillow

The third pillow was the most difficult. A block instead of a square. This time I (of course cutting the pieces and ironing) sewed both ends together before attaching the zipper. Altgough I had measured the length, when I put the zipper in the hole was too long. I wonder if this happens to all dressmakers or only to me :-D

When fitting the hole that I shortened by sewing one end a bit further I accidentally sewn a part of the fastener into it. Then, when sewing the other half of the zipper I sewed a bit of pillow into it. And in the end I found out that I had stitched too close to the fastener so it was unable to open. Ha ha ha. This is how I get experience.

I didn't sew to the end, the slider disabled it and I decided to make it at last - I sewed from the left to the right, then down to secure the end and back left below the zipper.

Yeah, the zipper's in. Now just sew two rectangles to finish the block.

After ironing seams. I hope it'll fit:) I can't judge it without the pillow itself. The pillow case is made of very thin fibre and I couldn't take a picture just on the floor as itwould have looked just like a mass of someting..

I asked my model to hold the pillow case for a while. It's the person I would never be able to make this one without. I'd like to thank him very much this way and say his help is important for me in all I do!

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