Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Black&White Poi

Four pieces poi. In chess colours.
I sewed four black+white pairs, at two of them I left out a place for the lacing.
Then I put each two pairs together. I ironed the seam allowance to the right and the left edge as well. I wouldn't be able to iron it properly after sewing...
When I sewed the tunnel for the cord, I had to change the thread colour at every seam :)
I sewed the upper edges together and I turned the poi over with the help of a knitting needle.
The owner's nick is QMax, so I used the initials as a picture :-)

Friday, 1 July 2011


I and my boyfriend have been making a tent for larps recently.
He cut and sewed the base and I acted as a technologist and I made the loops and fastening. And as far as the accessories, he made the poles and I supplied us with the cords.

I love it, it's so spacious! I'm looking forward to our first night inside:-)