Friday, 1 July 2011


I and my boyfriend have been making a tent for larps recently.
He cut and sewed the base and I acted as a technologist and I made the loops and fastening. And as far as the accessories, he made the poles and I supplied us with the cords.

I love it, it's so spacious! I'm looking forward to our first night inside:-)


Elsi said...

Wow, constructing a tent is not an easy job!
It looks really great, I am sure you will have a good tent there.

Do you have a ground sheet for it?
I am a person all up for ground sheets ;)

Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

It's not so bad:-) No hard work, it's just big.. Fortunately I have an industrial machine. I can't imagine I would have sewn it on my previous machine - with a throat of 10 centimeters!:-D
We sleep on a combination of sheep fur and a groundsheet (we don't have enough fur for two people yet). The tent canvas is water proof. I made two sacks from the rest of the fabric to store the tent in. At night we put all of our clothes in them so the stay perfectly dry:-)