Friday, 24 June 2016

Cat bags

Hi, I've been totally in love with this stretching cat bag for some time and now I finally had time to make one for myself :-)
No mention about bag sewing, just the applique: I drew a cat on a piece of fabric. I lowered the feed dogs and put my quilting foot on. I sewed three times the same path - just a bit inside the shape. Then I cut out the black fabric along the drawn line and frayed the edges. There were some longer threads - I decided to keep them, I just shortened them, so that the cat would look a little bristled.
So these are two sides of my new cat bag.
A friend of mine saw it and wanted to buy one for her mother's birthday, so I drew another two cats and made a smaller bag. I tried to place the tail more in A shape but finally I prefer the first version.
And as I knew the lady loves cats too, I put a short message in the inner pocket. In English, it might sound like "Made with love for cats" :-)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Cow Handbag

Once I made a baloon skirt for my friend from a cow printed fabric, now I'll make her a bag from the leftover fabric. I wanted to try to make this one. I like pattern manipulation and this could be fun :)
So I made a pattern (I will not share it here, it would be unfair to the designer...), I cut out all lining and outer pieces. I quilted the LINING. It may sound strange, but I wanted the bag to be sturdy and the outer pleats would look too heavy if I quilted the outside.
I sewed the lining and outer parts. I sewed together the seam allowances of the bottoms. I ironed the upper edges, inserted the handle and sewed through the upper edge.
One little bow and here it is. Not very spacious inside, probably because of the thick lining, but there's still enough space for some women's necessities.
I didn't make a zipper there, I just sewed on two pieces of satin strip, so she cat tie a bow inside if necessary.