Friday, 30 April 2010

Cloth under the Wine Goblet

I was giving my friend a beautiful goblet. I thought it would give more the feeling of being a medieval nobleman if the goblet was standing on a velvet decorated cloth:-) I hope he'll drink of it often.

I hemmed a velvet square with a leftover of golden lace. Two rows of it.
I pinned several varieties of crosses on the cloth, but finally I decided not to make them (as little time before the birthday as always).

I chose a pearl embroidery instead. Bijou pearls and black cylindrical beads - three between every pearl section.

I didn't want to make a lining. However, I didn't want the embroidery long threads to be visible at the wrong side. So I brought the needle inside the fabric bethween each bead or pearl.

The goblet's so nice!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Trousers No. 3 and 4

The same pattern and similar routing. The pattern consists from the left and right leg.
I had to make two pieces. One was no problem. I eventually start liking sewing pants:-)
The other owner-to-be gave me a piece of linen bed sheet or whatever with a seam in the center, so I had to work with two quite narrow rectangles. I decided to leave out the poined parts and insert a gore instead. This way I was able to use his fabric.
I cut these parts in the same height at the knee and both 8 centimeters from the upper middle.

I drew half a gore according to the piece from the front side and added the back side, seam line in the middle.

I sewed the gores to the front parts of the legs. The seam allowances are pressed to the sides (this should make the seam as little visible at the front of the trousers as possible).

I serged both seam allowances and sewed each leg together.

The back seam allowances will be serged together and pressed to the back.

Then I sewed the center seam. It should be sewed twice at the same place, because it's the most stressed part of the trousers.
I hemmed the length of the legs and prepared a tunnel (cut separately). It's made of two pieces, I didn't sew the whole center front seam but left a slit there for the elastic band.
I sewed a little rectangle around the hole for the allowances to lay flat.

I sewed the tunnel piece to the waistline. I pressed the allowances up and the upper edge down at the same time.

I folded this piece down to the wrong side and sewed its lower edge to the trousers. I added the elastic band and..

..this is it. I'm happy because the gore is not very noticeable. The shadow behind is the other pair (trousers No. 3 :-D).

Monday, 5 April 2010

Cranach Dress - Petticoat's Neckline

I sewed five stripes together to form the same shape as the neckline is.
I pinned it on the dress right side to right side and sewed on a cm from the edge.

The band has vlieselin ironed on to support the neckline well.
I tried to change the direction exactly at the top's seams and you can see that I pressed the band's seam allowances to lay on the other side than the top's ones.

The petticoat finished for the moment.

I also tried to make a pattern for the upper dress from the scraps. Sis was excited :-)

I wasn't. It quite fitted. But after a few days I looked at the photo and found out it's very similar to the ones of cranach reconstruction I've seen a few so far. The unsuccessful ones in my eyes.
So I'm going to make another pattern and possibly widen the petticoat's neckline (but definitely not before I have a pattern for the coat:-) ).