Monday, 5 April 2010

Cranach Dress - Petticoat's Neckline

I sewed five stripes together to form the same shape as the neckline is.
I pinned it on the dress right side to right side and sewed on a cm from the edge.

The band has vlieselin ironed on to support the neckline well.
I tried to change the direction exactly at the top's seams and you can see that I pressed the band's seam allowances to lay on the other side than the top's ones.

The petticoat finished for the moment.

I also tried to make a pattern for the upper dress from the scraps. Sis was excited :-)

I wasn't. It quite fitted. But after a few days I looked at the photo and found out it's very similar to the ones of cranach reconstruction I've seen a few so far. The unsuccessful ones in my eyes.
So I'm going to make another pattern and possibly widen the petticoat's neckline (but definitely not before I have a pattern for the coat:-) ).


Robert F. Crocker said...

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Žabacorporation said...

Hi Robert, thank you for a nice comment :)
Actually, I gave up at this project. The skirt looked really beautiful because of the load of vertical seams. But I had some trouble at the top.
At these dresses, the painters always draw the neckline as wide that it is like from shoulder to shoulder ( I'd wanted to do this with low wide neckline at the front as well as at the back.
But the sleeves are quite heavy and they pull down! I tried to stiffen the fabric as much as possible, but nothing was enough. The sleeves were just falling down from the shoulders. I don't know how much this is kind of painter's exaggeration. I think it would only work if the neckline was quite high at the back.
So sorry, but no new posts on cranach dress are planned :(
But recently I made quite a nice corset dress for our renaissance events and when I have time I might post some photos from the process :)