Friday, 30 April 2010

Cloth under the Wine Goblet

I was giving my friend a beautiful goblet. I thought it would give more the feeling of being a medieval nobleman if the goblet was standing on a velvet decorated cloth:-) I hope he'll drink of it often.

I hemmed a velvet square with a leftover of golden lace. Two rows of it.
I pinned several varieties of crosses on the cloth, but finally I decided not to make them (as little time before the birthday as always).

I chose a pearl embroidery instead. Bijou pearls and black cylindrical beads - three between every pearl section.

I didn't want to make a lining. However, I didn't want the embroidery long threads to be visible at the wrong side. So I brought the needle inside the fabric bethween each bead or pearl.

The goblet's so nice!

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