Sunday, 29 July 2007

Plastic Flowers

I wanted to show my boyfriend how to have fun with pet bottles. You cut the bottle and make leaves. It can be of any shape. The next step is to light a candle. You leave the leaf above it until it begins to wind. It takes a bit of sense, cause in case you let it there for too long, it folds, which we don't wont.

When you have winded the plastic you can start putting it together. Keep one end of the leaf above the candle until it melts. Then push it to its aimed place and press e.g. with scissors. It doesn't hold well, but it doesn't matter that much.
It looks like this - I made the left one and he did the right flower. He's very skillful, isn't he? :-)
He's got it nicer :,-(

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Cross Stitching

It's been a long time since I started a pansy wreath. It's been abandoned in the middle, now after the leaving exam I have enough time so I'm nearly at the end.
I'm right handed so I make stitches from the right to the left.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My Pocket

Here it is. Green dragons found their goal. First I made a shape of the lid.

I couldn't remember well the shape of a pocket that I've seen once and I made several models to discover the right pattern.

Finally I made out that I must take the pattern of the back. I drew the small lines and then made the front pattern - starting in the middle I drew a line to the nearest one on the left. I moved the paper a bit left and continued. The rests will be folded inside to drape the bottom.

The pocket's two plies thick on every place. I took these two patterns, cut them half a cm from the line and began to sew.

I quite like it despite the fact that I didn't have exactly this on mind. I used my double-sided embroidery stitch again.

The back is filled by a piece of leather - unfortunately I cut it too small :-(
In front it's tied as a sack. There should be a button on the lid but I haven't decided yer whether to put it there or not. Maybe once.. :-)