Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My Pocket

Here it is. Green dragons found their goal. First I made a shape of the lid.

I couldn't remember well the shape of a pocket that I've seen once and I made several models to discover the right pattern.

Finally I made out that I must take the pattern of the back. I drew the small lines and then made the front pattern - starting in the middle I drew a line to the nearest one on the left. I moved the paper a bit left and continued. The rests will be folded inside to drape the bottom.

The pocket's two plies thick on every place. I took these two patterns, cut them half a cm from the line and began to sew.

I quite like it despite the fact that I didn't have exactly this on mind. I used my double-sided embroidery stitch again.

The back is filled by a piece of leather - unfortunately I cut it too small :-(
In front it's tied as a sack. There should be a button on the lid but I haven't decided yer whether to put it there or not. Maybe once.. :-)

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