Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Leaving Hairdo

This is a hairdo I made for my leaving exam. It consists of a bun and some twisted accents, that look like small ropes.

I consider this one the nicest hairdo I can produce. The second more detailed photo has been shot the next day, after having slept on it :-)

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I decided to make me a pocket too, with a similar toppic as my friend's is. I feel lucky to have found this picture on the web - not sure, but I reckon it comes from a bell. I only had to twist the upper loop cause it didn't suit the final shape.

I added some lines to resemble the blue dragons - and there's the result. As people nick me Frog, because of a green colour, of course my dragons are green:-) The technique is all the same: bayeaux for the bodies, stem stitch for the outlines and refilsaum for the rest.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Tucked Braid

I decided to try a tucked braid. It's relieving to shorten your hair for a moment.
My boyfriend compared it to a little mess. But boys are like this.. You can't get angry about them as they are so cute:-)