Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lady's Crown

Performance next week. Nothing to wear on your head? Make you something.
So I made a similar pattern like the toque I've made some time ago. This time it will just be more open then the last time.
I always tell myself: you must take a different colour of chalk when you redraw a pattern. I always tell this after I cut something wrong:-) Yes, I made the pattern with a mistake first time, redrew and cut along the original wrong lines. No matter, I cut it again according to this piece.

The dress this is made for is from a knitwear similar to velvet. That's why I could 'cheat' a little - I didn't sew the cover as the pattern, but I made a narrow tunnel instead. It adapts.

I decorated it with golden beads and white pearls of different sizes. As usually, to get regular distances, the wreath was divided in two halves, then quarters and so on. I marked those with pins before I started.

The finishing touch - a lace. Fortunately I found the same in a shop as it was on the dress. Unfortunately, I couldn't sew it on by machine because of the pearls - I lack a precious zipper foot. But what wouldn't I do for a nice result ;-)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Pocket Panel

You may have noticed me not writing too often recently. I've been preparing for some school exams and this is my preparation - pocket panel for a car seat (we should have learnt to make pockets).
I prepared a few different types of pockets - neat, with a yoke and with pleats.
I measured the back of the seat and drew the shape roughly on the fabric. Cut two layers at the same time.

I drew where each pocket should be and basted the main lines so that I could see them at the right side. Then I ironed vlieselin on the wrong side.

I prepared all the pockets and sewed them on according to the marks. The last big pocket is just A big rectangle with only the upper edge nice. The other three will be hidden inside the pocket panel.

I pinned or basted two big swivels for hanging and four small pieces for securing with pins. At this point they face in.

I put a back part right side to this and sewed along the edge. I didn't sew at the bottom the whole line. I let there slits for inserting hooks and a big one to be able to turn this over.
You may notice the little black square - they're inserted when sewing the pockets on so that they wouldn't be torn out as the products would be getting older.

I turned it over and laid a line of stitches two milimeters from the edge. Thus I also sewed over the turning-over hole so that it closed.
I inserted the hooks that hold the pocket panel at the bottom of the seat and that's it:-)