Thursday, 3 June 2010

Small Kilt - Beginning

A friend wanted me to make a scottisch skirt for him.
As it's not ment for a period event but for a LARP, I edited the concept of fastening to changeable size (his wish).
I made a pattern for a skirt. If you were interested how to do it, I can explain it.
I measured that the lower part is nine sqares high and the waist part is less than three quares high. So I cut rectangles of more than twelve squares height.

I cut the pattern to two pieces, as the lower can be measured on the fabric:-)
I drew the tuck sizes on every third square.

One square free plus seam allowances on each side is perfect. I chose a method of a tuck ended with a curve and drew the lower parts this way.

I pinned and sewed each tuck. The skirt should consist of the front and back piece. Unfortunately, at the back piece the tucks were sliding when I sewed so I had to baste them.

I pressed all the tucks and folds down to the lower edge. I allways recommend ironing at the side that wouldn't be visible.

In the end I found out I can arrange several folds and press them at once :)

I machine-basted the lower hem (usind too loose upper thread) and pressed it again. From the wrong side again:-D

I basted the sides for the appointment. I drew the upper edge again from the waist pattern and basted so it would be visible at the right side. The front piece is on the left and the back piece on the right.

By the way, can you discover what mistake I made?