Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I decided to make me a pocket too, with a similar toppic as my friend's is. I feel lucky to have found this picture on the web - not sure, but I reckon it comes from a bell. I only had to twist the upper loop cause it didn't suit the final shape.

I added some lines to resemble the blue dragons - and there's the result. As people nick me Frog, because of a green colour, of course my dragons are green:-) The technique is all the same: bayeaux for the bodies, stem stitch for the outlines and refilsaum for the rest.


Racaire said...

The bayeux stitch and the outlines in stem stitch are very beautiful - but as far as I can tell the rest is done in the klosterstich technique (also very beautiful done, the same technique I use for my wallhanging)- bayeux and refilsaum is the same technique and the klosterstich is a selfcouching technique (without couched "holding threads")

xcavation said...

Thanks for the correction:) I sometimes have problem with names cause I don't know what they mean in my native language, e.g. refilsaum and klosterstitch. Could you help me? :-)

Racaire said...

as far as I know is Refilsaum the name for the "Bayeux-tapestry-technique" when it was used in Iceland - I recommend my handout if you like some informations and if you like to see some period examples of this technique http://www.sca-austria.org/as/projekte/raca/Refilsaum.pdf
- I use the name Refilsaum because I don't know an other good name for it and I don't think that "Bayeux-technique" is the right name for it :)
I am not sure what Refilsaum means, but I like the name :)

Klosterstich - Kloster=cloister, stich=stitch - as far as I know it is named this way because it was worked by nuns in the cloisters primary in (south)Germany but besides the technique I haven't made a lot research concerning it - but I think as far as my wallhanging is finished (I think I will need about 6-7 additional months) I will try to make some research and to write a handout (and maybe I will do some classes in Refilsaum and Klosterstich at some sca-events in the future)

I think the difference of the names for this techniques is interesting and concerning the surface very easy to recognize - and I have to admit that I myself thought a long time that Refilsaum is also named Klosterstich until a very nice lady from the sca in Australia (Laren) told me the truth about the main differences.
...and because both techniques are very well done by you I wanted to support you with this additional information :)
(concerning the Klosterstich parts I can only guess about the technique but I think it is Klosterstich - a self-(surface)couching technique)

xcavation said...

I hope now I won't mistake them anymore, the rest of the embroidery should be really klosterstitch. Thank you:)