Monday, 31 December 2007

Green Dress Sleeves

If you can remember the dress I was going to make, I have good news. I made some progress. This is how I can imagine it.

And this is what I already have. My friend helped me with the petticoat basic pattern. Bless him! Without him I'd probably have never made it.
The unsewed sleeves look like wings :-D

Now I'm working on the green tunic-like dress. It's a rectangular and this time I'll try the advice of my sister - to sew the sleeves to the rectangle as the very first thing, without sewing them to a pipe.

You can see how I make a draft of a neckline. So I've sewn the sleeves. Next I have sewn them to pipes.

And the only think that remains is to sew the hips line. Chalk marks mean the beginning of the future gores - at the belt line.

Yeah, sleeves and the body done. I just don't have the length. It'll be the last as it concerns the embroidered borders.

I don't have the petty sleeves yet, of course, there's a pair of pyjamas under :-D

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