Monday, 3 December 2007

Dirty Stockings

I sewed the foot at first and then attached the pipe with a hidden backstitch. Then I did the seams. This is the way I tried as first - I pricked to the middle of the seam in every second stitch, when I did only the long stitches, the seam wasn't flat, and pricking every stitch I was too lazy to:)

But fortunately I ended up at this technique. Attaching every half of the seam. I always worked only with the upper layer, so it wasn't visible from the right side.

And these are my stockings - after two days of use (my shoes are half-open). Dirty and creased:) They're fastened with a strip of leather I tied as a belt :-D

I wondered they're not tight as all my other products. These in company with my gloves protected me from cold in Austria and I'd like to thank them;)

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