Friday, 7 September 2007

Flute Case

I got a recorder for the nameday and I didn't like its packet. It's made of some imitation leather and with gold printing :-/ (I have forgotten about a plastic zip:-) )

First I measured the original case and of course thought about the length of my (metal) zip:-)

After some planning I sewed both unzipped halves face to face with the canvas.

I folded the black fabric and sewed along the zip.

I closed the zipper and sewed the shorter edges. On this side I added a small square folded in the middle to hide a small hole after the end of the zip. On the other one, naturally, I let the fastener a bit open when sewing :-)

Zig-zagging and some final editing ... tadaaaa, here it is:-)

I wanted to make this one also from another reason - I can decorate it myself with some infantile broidery. If you heard something about crazy quilting.. :-D

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