Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Monk Robes - Body

I cut a retangle to two triangles. If you look at the picture, you can see that I symmetrically trimmed off the bottoms. The leftovers have been used as sleeve gores - I was lucky, from side gores for four robes I got little gores for two pairs of sleeves, which I needed exactly :)
I pinned the gores on (right side to right side) and sewed.

Then I pinned the sleeve, the sides together and a gore to the side.

This occure at one robe with armhole gores. I just sewed along the edge and when I turned the robe over, I found out that one end of the gore is outside.

No time to repair, shame on me:) At the rest of the robes, I tried to sew next to the existing seam to avoid the situation. By the way, you can see that I used a stitch for elastic materials that allows to sew and serge at once. I love it.

The gores now don't look perfect, but sufficient. Anyway, on the totally black twill, few things will be visible:-P

As far as the side gores, normally I would sew the sides together to the top of the gore. Here, to save time, I have sewn one side of the gore to the body, as you could see, so that I might sew from the sleeve to the bottom in one move. It's just important to keep the fabric that doesn't belong to the seam away when sewing.

This fake gore inserting is slightly noticeable (assymetrical), but still looks nice and is fast. All for today :)

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