Thursday, 12 August 2010

Red-Black Costume - Surcoat

The waistcoat part of the costume:-)
I took the pattern from the st. Wenceslas' tunic.

I sewed the shouler and side seam leaving slits at the lower edge.
I serged the shoulder seams and the side ones without the slit.

I traced the armhole shapes on the red canvas, traced the position of the shoulder and side seam and added the seam allowances.

I sewed the hemming pieces together and ironed half a cm of the outer edges to the wrong side.

I sewed on the hemming pieces at the armholes. I laid them right side to the wrong side of the waistcoat and sewed on at half a cm.
I turned them to the right side and ironed leaving a little red strip at the wrong side so that the seam couldn't be visible at the right side.
A little tailor's trick:)
Then I sewed the hems on at the outer edge.

I aligned the lower hem lining with the slit on the tunic so that both slits begin at the same point. Right side of the lining to the wrong side of the tunic, I sewed on one half of the lining from one slit to the other.

I cut the seam allowances to the last stitch of the line and turned the lining over to sew the other half in the same way as the first one.

I sewed on the hem in the inner edge. I had to cut the corners to fold the seam allowance properly.

I folded in the cut seam allowances and sewed on in hand.

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