Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lilly Surcoat - Body

My new order - a men's surcoat sewn for a girl.
I cut out the pieces - body, skirt and sleeves.
I basted the lower edge and some lines important for decoration.

A slit has to be made at the neckline.
I cut out a rectangle as the lining. I applied fusible interfacing on both the lining and the location of the slit on the front panel.
I put the lining right side to the right side of the piece. I sewed along the drawn slit on both sides, with a triangle at the tip of the slit.
Then I cut the slit and turned the lining inside. I ironed it and sewed the lining on with decorative line of sitches.

I basted the hips and the shoulders of the body.

I sewed and serged the side seams of the skirt for the fitting, basted it to the body and basted one sleeve.

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