Sunday, 9 September 2012

Renaissance Dress - Sleeves

I cut all the pieces for the sleeves. It seems like a few but takes a lot of time.
I toughtened all of the edges with a fusible web (the lining too for the grommets not to rip out).
I sewed tubes, ironed to bands that I cut to small pieces. I serged a line of tubes like at the Cranach dress.
After sewing the bands to the upper edge of the lower sleeve I sewed on the lining. Carefully not to catch the side band.
I folded the lower hem and sewed on with a hidden stitch (machine). Then I sewed on the upper part of the sleeve. This time, unlike at the Cranach dress, I leave the sleeves flat as long as it's possible.
I ironed the edge aroung the bands and added a line of stitches there.
As drying is one of important phases of ironing, I let the sleeves dry in the shape I'd like it to stay in. On my hula hoop :-)
At the upper sleeves, I sewed the bands on the sleeve first and then I sewed on the lining.
I serged the sides and added a lot of grommets.
I sewed the sides together and that's all :)

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