Thursday, 9 January 2014

Squash Racket Case - First Half

I like making things with writings that are close to me :-)
My first job's company logo came to this squash racket case.
As at all panels made from several pieces, I made them a bit bigger. I cut out the final shape after sewing them together - this way the little inaccuracies that always happen (and accumulate with every seam) don't matter.
I sewed a band with a zipper at one side. By the way, the material is just brilliant. At one side it's sturdy synthetic canvas, at the other one it's covered with rubber.
It can't be ironed - the seams between black and orange must be flattened by two lines of stitches.
I started sewing from the corner because there I wanted the seams to match exactly.
I joined the other sides of the zipper and band just before I ended up sewing the edges.
 So far for one half. The case has some extra space to be comfortable and even the ball fits in! :-)

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