Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Gothic Try

I decided to make something really gothic:) I took this picture, there women's hair visible from several positions.

You can notice that their hair (when not in a braid) goes verically. Well, I split my sister-victim's hair in two halves - strand by strand. They will alternate - one will belong to the lower braid and one to the upper. The "upper" hair is pinned up.

I started with taking the left front quarter of her hair, which is not split. When I tried to begin with less hair, the braid was very thin..

I use a Dutch braid (which pretends to be just a classic braid laid on the head) and finish when coming to the right front quarter of hair, reserved for the other part.

You must pay attention when braiding - I made a little mistake, on the left side I took a strand too late so that it's visible that I used several strands.
On the sides I twisted the tail twice and pinned.

I think that from the back point of view it resembles the original quite well.

The front side's not bad as well, I just doubt the sideview..

And this is just a piffle, sister didn't want to come in this hairdo on the street. I understand:) I tried a little remake but she undid it anyway.

When I looked at the picture after finishing, I realized they could have started from the hanging part. The woman on the left might imply this. I'll have to improve this one. Another thing is that girls used to wear a wreath that could hold the braids in some way.

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