Friday, 9 November 2007

Stockings - Beginning

I want to make stockings for me not to freeze on the winter long (two:-D ) days in Austria. I saw this type of stockings on several sites but the main sources are Věřiny modré stránky and a picture from Kostým - section dochované originály -> evropské středověké -> ponožka; I saw one exemple as well at Krea's Pages.

I folded a strip of canvas in the middle and pinned on the edge. Then I pushed the fabric like this and pinned along the leg. It's a way I took from Cotte Simple. In fact I don't know how to make patterns. It's the part when I suffer, but this goes well:)
I drew a line along the pins and made a template.

I cut it twice, the canvas is thin, I'll double all and have a triple sole. Before making other patterns (which I'm not looking for much) I sew the line just produced. It's backstitch. I don't like this stitch, I use a version that alternates the long stitch on the right and on the left. It looks better:)

I hope that the quip will disappear after cutting edges inside.

I plan to tie the stockings with a leather band with a little buckle.

I must do the other stocking's base later..


Racaire said...

Are you also visiting Vienna?

zabacorporation said...

No, we're going only to Traiskirchen, some medieval market.. 1st to 2nd December