Sunday, 25 November 2007

Three Fingered Gloves

When I saw this page (by Marc Carlson) I knew it would be the right for me. My usual problems with patterns occured. It took me about one day just to get the right shape and size. I produced some (many) models and finally I got it.

I had wanted to make it of the leather but in the end after some meditation I bought a FUR-LIKE PILE FABRIC (pshaw), for which I'm not proud of myself at all. However will heat more than a raw leather. Anyway, I saw fur inside the gloves on the pics and had no natural fur:)
I made the pattern for the body of the glove and transferred it to the fabric with a marker (not very good as well but I hate that the chalk disappeares regularly from my patterns:) ). Sewn. The hole's not developed yet.

Then I tried to make a thumb. Both patterns can be seen below but don't mind the hole. It was drawn on the glove on my hand. You can notice that in my pattern there's a v-shaped space between the fingers, although in the original one there's just a vertical straight space. I tried it ot first but the fingers seemed to cross slightly when I put the glove on.

So this all was done on the machine and now I had to use my hand's best:) It was a "hidden backstitch" as I call this marvellous stitch which, in my opinion, can resolve almost any problem as far as sewing:)

I don't like artificial furs at all. But finally I had to admit it would look better with it visible.. I pinned the bottom and folded the upper part to sew it with the magic stitch again.

Call me Donatello! (For those who don't watch Ninja Turtles these creatures had three fingers.)

I didn't attach the loop that was usually on the original pictures, from this fabric you can't cut a strip as easilly as from the leather.

I just love my gloves. As always, they're quite tight (improbable for a gothic garment supply). But it fits well.


Karl Hungus said...

Those are very interesting. Are they comfortable though? I thought it would make more sense for the index finger to be seperate, and have the 3 other fingers together.

Žabacorporation said...

Thank you for your interest;-) I didn't want any radical variations, on the other hand I tried to sew truly what I saw in the gothic pictures at the link to have something for a medieval scene.
Today's people may feel unusual having three fingered gloves for the first time, but I find them surprisingly comfortable - it's like mittens with more freedom.
These gloves were ment mainly for work in their era, I can only imagine writing or eating where the index would be in advantage:-)
Could you find some other action where the separate finger would be suitable?