Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pleated Skirt - Main Work

As I have the flag finished, I don't have a lot of urgent things to sew. I was drawing at school and a skirt design appeared. I wanted to make me a skirt for a long time..
The base is the same as at the fireshow skirt (but only from two pieces).
I made there a fake belt - I folded the upper edge of the shape and sewed through, then I folded it the right side to the right side, at the width of the belt-to-be.

I sewed a line and folded the belt back. I could afford this as the upper line of the skirt is straight.
I arranged the pieces at my hips with pins and got the right shape for the side seams. To make my work easier, I made them the same at both pieces:) I sewed one of them right and the other with one thread loose. I don't sew zippers very often.. I took one and basted it to the seam (through all layers). I put on a zipper foot and sewed from the bottom middle to the left and up along the basting. I cut the thread and made the other half symmetrically.
I'd thought I'd rip the seam out by pulling one of the threads, but I wasn't able to, I had to use a ripper..

I spent all day making pleats. They weren't many, but time consuming. I made the pleats and sewed a mm from the fold to make them stable. For the three pleats at the center back - sixteen lines sewed. Hooray:-P
When I had the front and back panel done, I could join them to the basic panel. I easily took it, put on the other piece and traced a line. I cut it out and sewed to the base.

The same at the front panel. Now I have a half-done skirt with open sides and unfinished bottom.

You can see I used a corduroy with hairs inside. Why? I don't like the look of the fabric:-D I made the skirt from what was left from the larp dress. Cheap fabric's ideal for experiments:)

I inserted this side pleat - I pinned it and sewed in. I had to do this because I didn't have enough fabric to make the skirt's body from only two parts.

All for today:-)

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