Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Fireshow Costumes

This is and old version of our poi costumes. Vest (by dressmaker), belt, kerchief (no hair should be visible) and stretch trousers from market (I took me a bit of time looking at old fireshow photos to recognize what could be improved:-) ).

And new version - black loose pants and black bracers. I had to make five trousers (one male) and five pairs of bracers. One pair I had to sew the night before the performance:-D
I like that shoes aren't visible so much now. However I couldn't make the trousers long to the ground as shoes would deform their natural straight look (they're made of twill as well).
No hair should be visible again.

And a picture you might long to see:-) Bracers and skirt together sounds strange but look great. Twill plated skirt as well.
I wear trousers under, tucked in my socks, like harem pants.

These costumes were ment for one certain performance in Moravská Třebová. We had cameramen with us and they made a very nice clip for us. They are really skillful. (And we too:-) )
(I recommend to watch in high quality)


Elsi said...


You look great in the complete outfit!

I can't see the video at the moment, because the firewall at work blocks it, but I should have internet at home again tomorrow. So I am looking forward to watch the video :)

Elsi :)

cinderelly said...

this looks terrific! i have never seen such a great fireshow! i am liking watching the progression of your costumes.

Žabacorporation said...

Thank you. I, personally, love costume diaries as well. :-D
Especially historical ones, like Věra's or Marie-Chantal's ones.
I wanted to subscribe your blog (band-aids), but I found out there'd be no photos (and in the end just a link to each post). Is it on some purpose or could you do something about it?

cinderelly said...

just today i put on one of the things where you can 'follow' a this the one you tried, or the one with the little flame? (i don't really want to lose the photos, to me that's the best part!) if it was the flame one, that explains why i have so few subscribers (or i am just boring them! lol!) and maybe i should just lose it! thank you for telling me. (and for trying to subscribe!)

Žabacorporation said...

In fact I tried your RSS (in Firefox we have a sign for it next to an adress of every site that allows it) as I use Google Reader.
Could you please check if you have allowed your blog feed in full mode? (settings ->site feed)
That might be it:-)