Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Clawn Hat Stuffing

I have a new task - I am to make a hat for clawn. Fortunately I got an example to sew it according to, because in this case I would be totally helpless.
I sewed three pieces like this - one side yellow, one side red - together along the curves.

Then I took them still outside in and sewed the vertical sides together.

I cut the edges, turned it over and sewed on a wide red band. This is the base for the outer look of the hat.

Then I had to make the inner part (as it would be stuffed). I pinned four triangles on my skull until they fitted. You can see what pattern I gained.

I sewed them together (this was a good practice to sew a neat cross when it's not important:-) ) and added a red band as well.

I took a sack of milled foam and stuffed the outer piece. My dog was sniffing around and for the photo he made an innocent-thing look. I helped myself with a pencil. In case you'd like to try this for stuffing I must warn you. It's the worst mess I've ever seen. It's full of static electricity and it sticks to all of your clothes or carpets.

I pinned the two pieces together and sewed along the upper line of the band. That's all for today:-)

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