Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Dance Sack

I'll take belly dance lessons again! I'm nuts about it!
I decided to make a sack for my training clothes.
In fact the basic process was the same as when I was making sacks for fireshow costumes. I just didn't deal with the upper hem and I made a small flat pocket with one side higher.
You can also notice that the bottom was quilted from several layers of black canvas to be thicker (I didn't like that the black fabric was a bit thinner than the brown one).

I cut a strip, I folded it in half, then the halves were folded again, inwards. I put this onto the upper side of the sack and inserted the pocked under it with its higher part. Sewn along the lower edge.

I added grommets and a cord and declared it finished for now. Maybe once I'll add a band to be worn by, because I can't hold it for the cord (grommets (put in by someone who's not particularly good at) on thin fabric + heavy intestines = grommets sliding out of their position), but I think I'll be too lazy for it:-D

By the way, the small pocket's for ballet shoes, not to have to take a special plastic bag for them.. (I hate plastic bags)

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