Saturday, 27 September 2008

French Braid Shamrock and Figure Eight

I came back to my hair experiments.
After a try of this hairdo I started to make the French braid a bit on the left from the center of my sister's head. When I finished the French I continued braiding right and up - I didn't hold the braid as usually but it was really braided in the position you can see at the photo.

This is one of the following options. You can arrange the braid in figure 8 with the tail hanging from under the braid. Secured with hair pins.

Now to the shamrock. I unbraided a small part and attached two of the strands to head with hair grips. I braided all three parts separately.

And pinned them as you can see. There's one pin hidden in the place the end comes under the braid, in the direction of the thicker part of each braid. It should do for the end and for the loop as well..

Here you can see a hairdo this all came from:-) I think this is usable to be worn every day and it can be easily done on oneself. I just love it!


cinderelly said...

i like the one at the bottom the best. it is very beautiful!

Žabacorporation said...

Thanks. It like how simple it is - just a pinned French;-)