Monday, 22 September 2008

Green Reflective Poi

This was an experiment. I'd been thinking about reflective stripes but I didn't dare making these poi for someone unknown because I didn't know what it would turn out..
So when my boyfriend asked me to make sock poi for him I suggested and he agreed:)

I bought two meters of streak reflex. I cut it in five parts. This time I drew the pattern on the right side, so that I could exactly mark position of the stripes and easily sew them on.

I made poi from this semiproduct, and of course sacks for weights and pocket and so on..
I usually embroider a sign in connection with the color, this time I just had to make something else:-)

In fact the streak reflex isn't very effective. It reflects light only in the exact direction from what the light came out. But it's nice silver:-D

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