Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fire Skirt

Here's how I continued in the process of making a skirt for fireshow.
I made paper patterns according to the prototype, cut these shapes out of black twill and ironed all sides according to the method I already described. Then I sewed three sides of appropriate couples together.

Then I cut four rectangles at the same ratio as the lenghts of the blak pieces and made three sides of them more civilised by serging and folding them in. The upper side has been plated and pinned as you can see in the picture.

I sewed it through which wasn't the easiest thing to do and you can watch how I spoiled it. I couldn't see how the fabric looks at the wrong side and I didn't manage to catch the black fabric everywhere. I didn't fancy ripping and correcting it so I just sewed it again a bit further from the divide.

Then I invented something better. Handling all the stuff pinned was uncomfortable. I pinned the plates in other place than where I would sew and marked spots where the two pieces would match with chalk. The result looked far nicer (you could see at the previous one that the plates weren't of the most regular).

This was just a "cosmetic" but very useful treatment. I wanted the cords of lacing not to fray. I took a double thread, made a knot at the end and pulled the needle between the two threads at the knot.

This gave me a tight hold. I twisted the thread around neatly, hiding the end under. When finished I tied it, pulled the needle through the cord and cut out.

I measured the right distances and set in five grommets at each side. I love lacing:-)


Elsi said...

Very good!
And so clever :)
I love your ideas!

I am sure you will look fantastic at the fire show.

lots of love,
Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

Thank you Elsi for your kind encouragament:-)
I'm unpatient to start learning German this semester, to be able to get more than just images from your blog.. Recently I saw there several beutiful tabletwoven bands. Did you make them or get them or what?

Elsi said...


sorry that I answer so late, but I had some days holiday and I still don't have internet at home...

I made those bands myself.
And I really want to do some more, but have so many other projects at the moment ;)

The one in yellow, orange and blue, was my very first try and you can see, that I pulled the thread a bit too hard at times.
The blue and orange one (back then I thought I'd like this combination of colours - yak) was my second try. I made a belt out of it, but I don't think I will be wearing it ;)
And the one with white and two different types of blue was my third one. I was very pleased with it. As I got it just right in the way I pulled the thread and everything. And I loved the pattern. :) It was a present for a friend :)

Did you ever try tablet weaving?
It is not so hard if you have a good pattern I think.

lots of love,
Elsi :)

Žabacorporation said...

I have tried, but not seriously yet.. I'm planning to try it. I just hate threading the cards:-P
How do you make your cards? Or have you bought them?

Elsi said...

I made my first cards out of a card game. Now I am planning on making new ones out of wood.
The problem with the old ones was, that a woolen thread would be cut by the cards, so I could only use cotten threads.

I hate threading too ;)