Friday, 8 August 2008

Fire Skirt Pattern

I want a new, (cotton) twill costume for fire fans dance. It's safer to have a dress from natural material than synthetics as they broil in contact with fire.
I did patterns first from a fiber I didn't need for anything else. You can notice the yellow top. I took a pattern from the top I have for belly dancing. From a stretch fibre. That means quite a lot of time alternating it for canvas. Stretch looks soo good when you want a fitted piece compared to canvas:-D

At the photos I have the skirt pieces almost finished, I just want to indicate how I made the pattern. I put on a pair of trousers and placed them in the height where I wanted the skirt to be. I measured the front piece - distance between the middle of my thugs by some ten centimeters.
The back piece was the same, there were just a few centimeters more at the lower side so that the 10 cm sides were slightly angled.

Then I took a piece of fabric and placed it between the two pieces pinned to my trousers. I traced their outlines on the fabric and completed the curve for it to be continuous.

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