Thursday, 4 June 2009

Blue Wrist Weight

Boys felt they were too slow with heavy armour and at the fight at all, so they wanted me to make wrist bands with weights in them.
I made a pattern from the old wrist bands, then made one more pattern with folds included. I only could make half of it - it was already bigger than A4:-) The first pattern has been cut in two pieces to form a room for inserting the weights.

I serged the cut part of the first pattern. Then I ironed the folds at the second pattern and sewed it to the first piece at the marked lines. Ironed flat.

I bought a twill tape, folded it in the middle and ironed. This way I could be quite sure that when I sew at the upper half, the lower one will be caught too. I put it over the edge and sewed on.

The corners were quite difficult. I solved it like this: I sewed to the end of the side, then I sewed a bit back, I folded the tape as an arrow, pressed flat and went on sewing.

Then next step was velcro. I sewed on the tapes at the slots - I always sewed so that the tape was a cm longer than the unit (to leave a space for the weight). By the way, I wanted the wrist weights to be safe, so I sewed throught the velcro and the canvas several times.
At one end, I sewed in a metal loop, at the other I joined the soft part of the velcro with the scratchy one, pressed the seam flat and sewed to the rest with zig-zag stitch.

I bought soft duffel, cut out the shape of the wrist band (a little smaller), and sewed along the side without a twill tape. I didn't serge this piece.
This should protect a hand from being galled.

The fourth side of the wrist band was thicker and not well accessible because of the velcro bands - I decided to sew the twill tape on in hand.
You can see a stitch I used: I went up with the needle at the right side, caught a little bit at the edge of the tape, went down; at the wrong side I caught the tape from below and finished. The stitch has a zig-zag structure.
I started in the middle of the thread and tape (I made a slip knot on the thread). I sewed to the right, when finished untied the knot and sewed to the left.

At the corner I snipped the tape off leaving a small bit. I folded the end in and sewed. At this particular example I cut too much and the end frayed out. I ripped the tape off and did it again.

One should never be too lazy to repair their mistakes :-)

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