Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wedding Car Decoration

Mum ordered a decoration for sister's wedding car from me. She chose a picture on the Net and I had to get down to it:-)
I bought some organza, took my lapping foot and started. It took me quite a lot of time to find out how to work with this foot.
You must double fold the fabric in hand for the first four centimeters, put the footer down and sew it.

Then you unfold it and insert the edge in the foot's intestines. When I sew I slightly hold the fabric with my thumb and forefinger so that I could lead the edge in the footer without stopping sewing.

I'm not very skilful with this, so sometimes the lap unfolds (it's folded only once and the frayed edge is out). Folding the edge before the footer (once) and inserting it folded to the footer may help :-)

Here you can see - the damaged part on the left and the repaired one on the right. Fortunately, this shouldn't be very noticeable. I used this project for me to learn how to use my foot, let sister forgive me :-D and I know it won't be perfect.

The horizontal edges are bordered with satin lace, folded in the middle. I glued the ends before sewing them on. I can't find any other way for the lace not to fray out and unfold when I sew.

This will be the bow.

The center for the bow is from three layers of organza, for it not to be transparent.

At the wedding, we'll see, whether it will fit completed or not. Are you as curious as I am? :-D

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