Friday, 4 September 2009

Brown Jagged Hood - Finished

I took the basted piece, I let the pins in, they can keep the fabric in place bettern than a thread. Sewed in the drawn line.

How did it end up? It didn't work very much. Even the basted and pinned pieces slided on each other and in the end were different for at least half a centimeter. I really don't know how to sew velvet inteligently :'-(

I cut the seam allowances to half a centimeter.

I made these small cuts in the corners to turn the jags easily. You must always be careful no to cut a stitch. I also adapted the allowances at the tips.

Before turning it over, I took the liripipes and attached their seam allowances together with a few stitches.

Turned over, but I still didn't like the appearance of the jags. I handsewed the facial parts together.

I basted them roughly and sewed along the edge. It flattened them nice. I also did this at the face.

I'm quite curious what it will look like with the gardecorps:-)

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