Thursday, 3 September 2009

Brown Jagged Hood - Pattern

This piece should match my boyfriend's gardecorps. When I was sewing it, I didn't have enough time to make a hood attached to it as in the original picture. Now, I want to make him a standalone hood he could take off or wear with other garments.
I took a basic pattern from the hood number two. I just drew a shorter liripipe and hagged hem. The jags were drawn only on the lighter part of the hood. As I have learnt, I cut two layers of velvet at a time.

I sewed the back and the front chest, the top of head is in the fold. I made the same with dark velvet.
I didn't forget to put small cut in the curved seams.

I took these two pieces, put them right sides together and with the lower edges arranged equally. I pinned them under jags and basted them.
We'll see, whether it will help for the seams not to slide of their way or not.

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