Sunday, 23 August 2009

Pattern Binder

I'm setting up a binder to store all my patterns in. I just don't like its appearance - white plastic with some advert on it. I'm not into plastics:-)
I took a piece of old fabric and pinned it around the binder to find out the size. When I took it off, I marked with chalk, what I found.

I decorated it with my new beloved tambour needle:-) I draw the picture with a piece of chalk, I took inspiration in gothic windows. I worked like this with the only difference - my work was facing the right side up, I pressed the needle from below.

When I had the decoration done, I could sew the cover in marked lines and dress the binder up. First I sewed the vertical seams, then the horizontals.

Getting it on the binder was quite a puzzle, but finally...

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