Friday, 21 August 2009

Upholstered Frame

Sister's wedding. She got married a while ago, you may remember her daughter's little dress:-)
Two months later, I found me thinking about what to give her for her nameday. I knew that I hadn't hand her over all the photos I made at the wedding. I printed three nice photos and bought a frame. Quite boring. But what about giving her a photo in a frame from the fabric they'd had their their wedding costumes made of?

I measured everything on the wooden frame, cut these pieces, decorated the silver fabric with the golden one, folded in and sewn the inner edges.
Then I glued these, folding in a small part at the corners.

I glued the inner of the frame as well, let it breathe for some ten minutes and pressed together.

I ironed the seam allowances in at all sides.

I had to make a small cut in the seam allowance near the glued part.

I used one of my favourite stitches (whatever its name is :-D) that is very comfortable to make. I laid the pieces as they should finally be (pinned them together at the backside) and sewed them together in this position.

I did a few stitches at the same place to toughten the seam at the corner before changing direction.

Pinning the pieces for the corner seam. How easy to sew:-)

Wedding photo in wedding coat. I hope the brocade will remain them of their day for a long time.

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